Ford Company is collaborating with the Fun rise Toy Corporation which manufactured the Tonka Toys and bring the Tonka Toy Truck to life-size. This 2022 Ford Tonka Truck also known as the Ford F-750 that took the concept from the Tonka Truck toys with dump bed and the size of this Ford F-750 reach 10 foot tall. This truck will be competing against the Chevy Silverado HD and the RAM. Now let’s see the redesign, specs and release date of this truck.

2022 Ford Tonka is a staple of the sandbox that has existed for over 65 years and for this time you are able to drive the car to the person and be yours. Sandbox is the motto of the making of this truck, the motto is also taken from the toys that used to be real in a limited edition made by Ford F150 made by Tuscany in Elkhart. Tonka is greater than you think, maybe you just look at the toys your child has but Tonka in the original will make you surprised and you can buy it for your children throughout America. Mike Graber inspired by toys that he played along, take your toy box and remove the yellow truck in the box.

The design of this car is really only based on a paper and then we think of what will be created and for a new after it finished we thought for a model in clay in 2022 Ford Tonka. Ford F150 started to really form when there are clays which paved the way for plastic.


2022 Ford Tonka Redesign and Changes image

2022 Ford Tonka Redesign and Changes

The 2022 Ford Tonka will be built on the chassis based on Tonka garbage trucks but there will be some redesigns on the aesthetics of this car from the outside and also the inside of the truck. From the outside we can see a new front fender, a revised badge, a new front grille, new headlights, rear hooks on the front of the truck, a large central air flow, typical nostrils of the Blue Oval, “built Ford Though” functional tailgate mud flaps, tailgate, 10 wheel lugs, folding trailer trailers, power telescope, integrated spotted mirror, and the same yellow color as the Tonka toy truck.

While in the inside we can see the regular cup upholstery, manual windows, basic air conditioning, locks, SYNC telematics (optional) and the dispatch center. There are no telematics or even infotainments system inside this truck. The SYNC telematics were made to make the truck be able to communicate with the others truck.  The body design of this truck come with 3 model which are the regular, crew cab and the super model while the framework of this truck also have three setups which are the dock height, the straight framework and the new pulling tractor model.



2022 Ford Tonka Engine Specs

Under the hood this 2022 Ford Tonka will be equipped with two choices of engines which are the 6.8 liter V10 diesel engine or the 5.0 liter V8 power stroke turbo diesel engine. The 6.8 liter V10 diesel engine will be giving this car 700 horsepower with 460 pound feet of torque while the 5.0 liter V8 power stroke turbo diesel engine can generate three power levels which are 270 HP and 700 lb ft torque, 300 Hp and 700 lb-ft of torque, and 330 Hp with 725 lb-ft of torque. These engines will be paired with the 6 speed automatic transmission gear box. The power stroke engine has 5 years warranty or 250.000 mile warranty.


2022 Ford Tonka Design photos

2022 Ford Tonka Design

Dual exhaust used in this vehicle, cover used in this vehicle is Tonneau cover and carpeted bedroom. Custom in the roof of the vehicle can also make you feel more comfortable in the added floor mats and Tonka badge that includes the panache which will be added a little deeper than usual. Tonka color really became popular when the car is also in the market, you should not miss the days where you can buy this Tonka. We are happy to have a great brand that is Ford F150, a brand that makes this car a very high resale value on the market. This name also makes household be happy with effective project.

Tuscany is developing a 2022 Ford Tonka become more elegant and attractive when viewed. Will create an additional 500 car model 2022. Trucks are already in production will certainly channeled into Ford dealerships located across the United States.


2022 Ford Tonka Release Date and Price pictures

2022 Ford Tonka Release Date and Price

This 2022 Ford Tonka will be released on summer 2022 as series car and the price will be sold around $ 96.304 but it can change depend on the trims level.